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Rifle Drop Camps

This year we will be offering rifle drop camps. The camp will be located at 7000 feet in the Swan Range. This was a former camp for our guided hunts until 2007. It is a 9 mile horseback ride into the area that gets you away from other hunters.

We supply your party with the following. A large wall tent that sleeps 4, cots, woodstove with wood, tables, chairs, and a 2 burner propane cook stove with utensils.

This camp can be reserved for 7 day periods beginning October 4th. the cost is $1500 per person with a maximum of 4 hunters.

Beginning October 30th this camp will be moved to a lower camp at 5500 feet elevation and continue until the Mid November.

Call or email if you have questions about this service.


Rick Adkins