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Pack Trips

Summer High Adventure Pack Trips with Wilderness Outfitters

Pack TripsPack Trips
A family vacation, A wilderness adventure, a fly-fisherman’s dream vacation, a horse lovers dream a reunion of family and friends, a hiker’s paradise, a stress reducer, a photographer’s idea vacation, watchable wildlife opportunities; all this and more in a 5 to 10 day wilderness trip. We pack into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area located in the Northern Rockies of Montana. This area is noted for its outstanding scenery and exceedingly good trout fishing. A pack trip though country like this is an experience that both the avid fisherman and the nature lover are not apt to forget. We travel to the most beautiful locations in the “Bob”. The Chinese Wall, South Fork of the Flathead and the Danaher Valley. One of our most adventuresome trips departs on the West side of the wilderness and arrives on the East side at Benchmark 9 or 10 days later after camping under the Chinese Wall and crossing both the Swan Range and the Continental Divide. Call us and let us work with you to put together the trip of a lifetime.
Pack TripsPack Trips

What should you expect?

Pack TripsPack Trips
Great food served family style including fresh salad every night with main courses such as steak, chicken breast, pork chops, a spaghetti night, and other delicious entrees. The aroma of our breakfasts of hotcakes, bacon, eggs and fruit, along with coffee will awaken you to each new day on the trail. Roomy two person tents are provided along with cots and sleeping pads so you can get a good night’s rest. Our kitchen consists of a dining fly, cooking stoves, tables and chairs that make a comfortable area to relax and chat with friends. We will provide you with an equipment list to use as a guideline in making final plans for your trip. A wilderness pack trip is an unforgettable experience. The ringing of the bells on the horses grazing near camp provides a pleasant musical background as you enjoy the crackling campfire and the evening breeze. You will rise to a crisp new day with dew on the grass and the sparkling streams teeming with trout waiting for you. All this and much more make up the memories from a wilderness pack trip. We would appreciate the opportunity of sharing them with you.
Pack TripsPack Trips


2017 Schedule

Early July, open for trips, call.
July 15 through the 24th, A 10 day trip that crosses the wilderness from West to East. Highlights are the Chinese Wall and the South Fork of the Flathead.
August 6th through the 10th. This is a low cost trip. We ride you in and drop you on one of the most beautiful areas in the Bob with great fishing. You supply your food and gear. We return on the 10th and we ride out. Call for pricing.
August 20 through the 26th. Ride into the Young’s creek area and camp with fishing and day rides offered daily, or just relax in this beautiful valley.. Full service everything included. Only $295 per day for this 7 day trip.
 August 29th through September 2nd. We will ride into the Young’s Creek area for 5 days of fishing, riding, and hiking. This is a very scenic valley.


Our fee is $295 per day for trips of 7 days or longer. On trips of 6 days or shorter the price is $325 per day. Children 14 and under receive a 20% discount. A non-refundable deposit of $600 is required to reserve your dates. This deposit is not refundable but can be credited to a later trip or transferred to another person. The balance is due prior to the departure of your trip.