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Chatter From Montana

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3 Responses to “ Chatter From Montana ”

  1. Phil Cumberworth says:

    My son and I went on the Chinese Wall trip last year. A great trip. Went fishing and caught a trout on the first cast. The trip is worth every bit of the cost. Food was great and the scenery out of this world.

  2. Rick Adkins says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for coming. I think of that trip often. I’m doing it again this year and hope we see the elk and mountain goats again. Gary will be back as packer/guide this year.


  3. Mary Ellen Sanders says:

    The horse pack trip through the Danaher Valley with Rick Atkins and his staff of wranglers was simply a delightful experience. I had wanted to do a trip like this for years, and I finally made it happen as a gift to myself for my 60th birthday. My daughter, sister and niece agreed to come along, so we had a great core group. Rick and his staff made it so easy for us – really excellent food, including fresh green salads every night; a camp toilet; sun-heated showers; capable, steady horses and mules. The staff was competent, friendly and so kind to the horses and mules. It was great watching how they transformed the wilderness into a camp and then packed it all up when it was time to leave. I was fascinated seeing how the stock was managed. Watching them on the highline and being turned out – some with bells around their necks, some not – was an experience. It really worked! I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves the outdoors, wants and adventure, is happy in a tent overnight and who enjoys stories about the trail. People who don’t like heights need to be prepared to just trust the horses. They know what they are doing!


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